Border guards prevented of illegal transferring of 46 packages of cigarettes
07/11/18 - 09:54

During the week border guards detected 150 packages of cigarettes. This morning, serviceman of “Krasnoilsk” Border Guard Division detected 46 packages of cigarettes.

Border guards of “Falkiv” Border Guard Division obtained information about illegal transferring of 23 thousand packs of cigarettes. Violators tried to transfer it to Romania.

According to the information border patrol detected the group of unknown persons. Border guards tried to detain them, but smugglers left goods and escaped. Even warning shots didn’t stop them.

Serviceman of the SBGSU observed the surrounding area and detected packages with smuggled cigarettes.

Border guards delivered smuggled goods to the border guard unit for furthering transferring to the representatives of the Custom Service.

It is worth noting that the sum of the seized goods is almost 500 thousand UAH.

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