Border guards joined “Donor Days”
05/02/19 - 15:47

“Donor Days” began on the basis of the Main Military Medical Clinical Center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine with the participation of representatives of the “Kyiv City Blood Center”.

The event is timed to the World Cancer Day and aimed at creating stocks and blood products for the needs of military personnel, veterans of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, members of their families, as well as for seriously ill children of Kyiv.

150 military personnel and staff of the Border Agency who have expressed their desire to become blood donors arrived at the Main Military Medical Clinical Center.

“These events were carried out, but not in such a large-scale form,” - said doctor-anesthetist of Medical center of the SBGSU Dmytro Sukhomovsky. – “There is always a need for blood for military personnel who were previously in the ATO, and now in the Joint Forces Operation (JFO). And we want to show an example for all that our military staff can create a blood bank for their colleagues, and also for other citizens of Ukraine,” the doctor added.

- “Blood is needed constantly. Imagine yourself - we give blood to all the medical institutions of Kiev. We cannot guess what is needed today - first, second, third or fourth group of blood. We create reserves of this blood, for example, we have to provide some heavy operation using 5 liters of one blood group,” - said the head of the visiting brigade Kyiv city center of blood” Sergei Korotkoruchko.

It is worth noting that the event will take place three days in a row, on February 4, 5 and 6. These days, the military personnel of the Administration of the State Border Guard Service and units of the central subordination will arrive in the hospital. All collected blood will be stored in the “Kyiv City Blood Center”.

It should be noted that such measures together with the units of the State Border Guard Service are not the first time. Already at the beginning of this year and during the previous, about the hundreds of military personnel from the Eastern, Western, Azov-Black Sea Regional Directorates and units became blood donors.

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