Border guards had held position and liquidated assault troops of occupiers

06 of February 2023 13:39

Russian-occupiers forces tried to break the defense line in Bakhmut suburb. Invaders planned to capture construction and gain a foothold.

At the beginning of fight superior forces of russian invaders wedged into the defense line. After that they tried to find our positions with the help of UAV. But border guards spotted enemy drone and hit it with small arms.

Besides, border guards performed the maneuver and requested fire support. Amount of the attackers was reduced by mortar strike. Enemy infantry spread out to save lives.

Border guards dislodged the enemy with grenades, small arms and light weapons. In close fight Ukrainian defenders localized the breakthrough and pushed back the enemy. Russian assault troops retreated. As a result of this tactical episode, the enemy lost 9 killed and approximately 20 injured.

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