Border guards detained three citizens of India who were moving to the state border with Hungary

03 of February 2023 08:08

Servicemen of Chop border guard detachment detained three foreigners who tried to enter Hungary illegally.

Servicemen of the operational unit informed colleagues about possible attempt of illegal border crossing by group of illegal migrants. Governance of “Solomonovo” border guard division sent the response team to specified terrain section.

During the search measures, servicemen of the SBGSU detained a group of men in dozens meters to the state border who had been moving toward the neighboring country using terrain features. Law enforcement officers found out that all detainees are citizens of India and have Ukrainian permanent residence id. As well as, border guards determined that violators entered Ukraine in legal way and had been studying in an educational establishment in Odesa region. Detainees informed that they were not confident that Hungarian border guards will allow them to enter Hungary and decided to do it in illegal way.

Offenders were carried to border guard division compartment. Their future will be decided by the court.

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