Border guards detained organizer of illegal transportation of persons across the state border

02 of February 2023 10:02

Citizen of Ukraine had been organizing a transportation of persons to EU countries and had been obtaining for his service above 7 thousand of USD.

Servicemen of the operational unit of Chernivtsi border guard detachment with power support of border guard special operations unit in the interaction of National Police of Chernivtsi region under the procedural governance of Chernivtsi Prosecutor’s Office detained the organizer of illegal business.

In the framework of criminal investigation, operational servicemen found out that citizen of Bukovina obtained 7 thousand of USD for illegal transportation of two men to neighboring Romania. Organizer and two violators were detained by the joint interagency group.

Автомобіль, яким їхали до державного кордону правопорушники, правоохоронці зупинили на околиці н.п. Тарашани Чернівецького району.

Law enforcement officers stopped the automobile that was moved toward the state border.

During the search measures in the residence of detainee, law enforcement officers seized thermal imager, radio station, cell phones and funds illegally obtained.

Investigation is still in progress.

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