Battle in Donetsk region - border guards eliminated several groups of Russian infantry

09 of February 2023 12:38

Yesterday, border guards repelled several enemy attacks in one direction in the Donetsk region. The rifle units of the Russian occupying forces tried to break through the line of defense of the border guards and, in case of success, develop the offensive.

Enemy forces planned to enter the area of our firing positions in small tactical groups. However, the occupiers were unable to overcome the area of fire damage. In order to reach the stronghold, the enemy introduced a reserve into the battle, but in vain.

The enemy's infantry shot was stopped with fire by border guards-mortars. The attackers reduced the offensive pace and lay down. Constant fire from mortars, small arms and group weapons forced the Russians to retreat. The attempt to break through cost the invaders casualties - 5 people were killed and 13 wounded.

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