A considerable amount of undeclared foreign currency and jewelry was found at Lviv airport

13 of December 2021 08:01

Border guards of the Lviv detachment together with customs officers checked the passengers of the Lviv-Istanbul flight.

During the conversation with the passengers, Polish citizens, aged 53 and 67, the inspection team suspected that the prohibited items were being transported by foreigners, so they were invited for additional inspection.

After checking the hand luggage and luggage of the above-mentioned citizens, border guards together with customs officers found undeclared currency in the amount of 374.8 thousand euros, 125.7 thousand US dollars and about 1.7 kg of jewelry made of metal similar to gold.

According to preliminary estimates, the value of the seized could reach more than 15 million hryvnias.

Undeclared funds and jewelry were seized by customs officers.

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