A Ukrainian who was walking to Poland to earn money was detained in the mountains of Zakarpattia

15 of January 2022 08:01

Border guards from the Chop detachment detained a 41-year-old Kharkiv resident near the village of Verkhovyna Bystra, Uzhhorod district, who was planning to enter Poland illegally.

The offender was detected by the border patrol of the Verkhovyna Bystra section. During the inspection of the area, the servicemen noticed an unknown person with tourist equipment moving towards the state border. The “traveller” was detained administratively and taken to a special room of the “Velykyi Bereznyi” division in order to investigate the circumstances of the offense and draw up the documents in the case.

As it turned out, the man arrived in the Lviv region from Kharkiv by various means of transport, and he went from Volosyanka to Transcarpathia on foot using a navigator in a mobile application. The offender admitted that he was temporarily restricted in the right to travel abroad because he did not comply with the court's decision to pay alimony. So the desperate man made his way through the border town of Lubny in the direction of Poland and even bought an online bus ticket from the first Polish village of Ustrzyki Gurne to the town of Sanok. He hoped to find a job there.

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