377 Russian Federation citizens were refused in entry into Ukraine by border guards at the Ukrainian -Russian border

08 of March 2014 11:22

Today at night, during registration procedure of the train "Moscow - Simferopol" at “Kharkiv- Pasaghyrskyi " BCP the

Today at night, during registration procedure of the train "Moscow - Simferopol" at “Kharkiv- Pasaghyrskyi " BCP the border guards apprehended one Russian citizen moving to Crimea for participation in the activities of destabilizing nature. In the course of documents inspection and interviewing the camouflage uniform and military boots were revealed among his belongings. On the fact of detection of athletic build man with a tattoo "VDV" (Air Landing Troops) Security Service representatives were informed. According to the man he was going to relatives in Mykolaiv.

In the course of filtration measures his military service card of Russian Federation Air Landing Troops special forces unit was detected. Later, the following text massage was found in his mobile phone: "Left for Crimea, from there to the battlefield - to fight. I’m ill, if need be.”   In general, at the Ukrainian- Russian border during enhanced border control measures 337 citizens of the Russian Federation (4 of them with ban of entry) were refused in entry into Ukraine per the calendar day.

As previously reported, in order to prevent the organized groups of individuals who can participate in the activities of the extremist nature entry into the territory of Ukraine the enhanced border control and relevant measures are conducted at the automobile and local BCPs.

In the case of persons who provide false information about the purpose of the intended stay in Ukraine, follow for participation in various kinds of public events, and are involved into participation in activities to destabilize Ukraine and other subversive actions, the border guards refuse such persons for entry into Ukraine.

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