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Last year, our compatriots traveled to 123 countries. In total, more than 11 million 250 thousand citizens of Ukraine were able to go abroad, even due to quarantine restrictions.

Last year, our compatriots traveled to 123 countries. In total, more than 11 million 250 thousand citizens of Ukraine were able to go abroad, even due to quarantine restrictions.

Three countries bordering Ukraine became the most visited for our compatriots.

In the first place is the Republic of Poland - about 4 million, in second place - Hungary - 1 million 635 thousand and in third place - RF - 1 million citizens of Ukraine.

Last year's leaders also included Turkey, with 965,000 Ukrainians, and Egypt, with 730,000.

Quite a large number of Ukrainians went to Romania - more than 626 thousand, Belarus - 496 thousand, Slovakia - 336 thousand, Moldova - 328 thousand, Germany - 222 thousand and the UAE - 100 thousand people.

A country like Austria has also become popular for Ukrainians, where 68,000 of our compatriots have traveled. No less interesting were: Italy - almost 60 thousand, Spain - 53.5 thousand, Great Britain - 44.5 thousand, Bulgaria - 42 thousand, Israel - 41 thousand, Georgia - 33.6 thousand, Greece - 26.5 thousand, Denmark - 24 thousand, Qatar - about 20 thousand and the Dominican Republic - 14, 5 thousand people.

23 thousand, 16.2 thousand and 12 thousand Ukrainians, respectively, went to such Balkan countries as Montenegro, Croatia and Albania.

Also, the most interesting for our compatriots were Lithuania, which was visited by 33 thousand, Latvia - 19.5 thousand, and Finland - almost 10 thousand Ukrainians.

But last year, almost three times fewer foreigners came to Ukraine - about 3.4 million guests came to visit us from 192 countries.

Most people came to Ukraine again from the countries bordering our state. And among the leaders were the citizens of Moldova - 933 thousand, Belarus - 463.5 thousand, Russia - 390 thousand, Poland - 272 thousand, Romania - 229 thousand and Hungary - 217 thousand, as well as Turkey - 149 thousand, Germany - 74 thousand, Israel - 57 thousand and the United States - 42 thousand.

Besides, 34.5 thousand citizens of Great Britain, about 30 thousand citizens of Lithuania, 26 thousand - Azerbaijan, more than 25 thousand - Italy, 23 thousand - India, 22.5 thousand - Georgia, more than 22 thousand visited Ukraine. - Bulgaria, almost 21 thousand - Serbia.

And from such countries as the Czech Republic, Latvia, China, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Armenia in Ukraine visited from 10 to 20 thousand travelers.

The vast majority of foreigners were in Ukraine for private and tourist purposes, and 70 thousand people were transiting through our country.

It should be reminded, that among the organizations and government agencies that helped the tourism business during the coronary crisis, in 2020 the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine won the GovHelp nomination of the Ukraine Tourism Awards 2020. In addition to the State Border Guard Service, 8 organizations and government agencies competed: Information Policy of Ukraine (IPU), State Institution “Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”, Joint Stock Partnership “Ukrainian Railways”, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Boryspil International Airport.

The organizer of the Ukraine Tourism Awards 2020 is the Kyiv Tourist Association, which last year merged with the All-Ukrainian Union Visit Ukraine and with the support of the Ukrainian Hotel & Resort Association and the State Agency for Tourism Development transformed the event.

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