The enemy continues to shell the border areas of Sumy and Chernihiv regions

02 of February 2023 10:28

Yesterday, February 01, the russian occupation forces continued their criminal tactics of shelling the Ukrainian border area.

The enemy inflicted fire using grenade launchers and mortars. The Velykopysarivka, Bilopillia, Esman and Shalyhine communities of Sumy region, as well as the Snovsk community of Chernihiv region, came under enemy fire.

In the first half of the day, the russian occupiers shelled the territory of the Bilopillia community three times with 120-mm mortars, with a total of more than fifty explosions. At the same time, four dozen shots were fired from a 30-mm automatic grenade launcher in frontier border area of the same community. Late in the evening, the enemy again opened fire against the territory of the Bilopillia community with a 30-mm easel mounted automatic grenade launcher, firing almost twenty shots. The fire came from the russian settlements of volfino and vesele. In addition, one mine explosion was heard in the Velykopysarivka community near the border. The fire came from the russian settlement of bezymeno.

The enemy opened mortar fire against the Esman community three times 22 hits were recorded. The fire came from the russian settlements of lokot, lemeshovka and troyebortne.

The Shalyhine community was also under mortar fire. The rushysts launched 3 120-mm mortar shells from the settlement of slobodka ivanivka.

During the day, the russian occupants shelled the territory of the Snovsk territorial community four times. The enemy used 120-mm mortars, a total of 33 explosions were heard. The fire came from the russian settlements of novyi svit and khoromne.

As a result of mortar shelling, 4 people were killed and 1 person was wounded. Three houses were damaged.

The Defense Forces continue to defend Ukraine from russian invaders.

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