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The border guards provided "humanitarian transit" of two columns from the border crossing points of "Krakivets" and "Bachivsk" during this day. More than 260 Moldovans were returning home by 53 cars.

The border guards of Mostyska and Sumy detachments together with the quarantine units conducted temperature screening and interviewed foreigners about their health status. After all the control measures, the car columns, accompanied by the representatives of the National Police, headed to the border crossing points on the border with the Republic of Moldova.

In total, since the beginning of the quarantine measures, since March 16, 2020, Ukrainian border guards have provided a pass for 15 such columns of 248 vehicles. More than 1,400 foreigners, most of whom are Moldovan citizens, returned home.

In an interview with RBC-Ukraine News Agency, the Head of the State Border Guard Service Serhii Deineko told who can now enter Ukraine and who can pass by a separate decision during quarantine events.

 "Citizens of Ukraine, foreigners who have a residence permit in Ukraine, those who have either parents or children - citizens of Ukraine, as well as accredited staff of diplomatic missions, can enter," said the Head of the Agency.

The Head of the State Border Guard Service also spoke about persons crossing the border for transit and humanitarian purposes.

 "I believe that it is humane to do so regarding people who have no opportunity to enter their homeland otherwise," said Serhii Deineko.

“We now allow many people to enter Ukraine to attend funerals of close relatives, every day for 10-20 people. And we also understand our neighbours, Moldovan citizens who are traveling from Russia and the EU to their homeland - we form columns every day and the National Police accompany them” he added.

 “We guarantee that these citizens do not leave the vehicles on their way, except to address the need in designated areas. Even if they are infected, Ukrainian citizens will not suffer from that” the Head of the Border Guard Agency said in an interview.

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