(VIDEO) National Guard cadets arrive for training in Chernivtsi region

22 of September 2023 08:10

The state border of Ukraine during the legal regime of martial law is protected in an enhanced mode. Cadets from various military educational institutions are involved in strengthening border protection on the western border.

This time, cadets from the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine arrived at the Chernivtsi BG Detachment for training. They will be acquainted with the peculiarities of service in border patrols, in particular on the border with Moldova and Romania.

It should be noted that some of the National Guard cadets have already successfully completed their training. For a month, the future officers performed border protection tasks together with regular border guards and had the opportunity to practice their skills in maintaining law and order in controlled border areas, which will be essential for their future successful service.

The best cadets were awarded by the leadership of the Chernivtsi BG Detachment.

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