(VIDEO) US Senator Mark Kelly got acquainted with the peculiarities of the work of border guard units and emphasized further support

19 of September 2023 09:47

The Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Serghii Deineko, met with US Senator from Arizona Mark Kelly.

The key topics for discussion were the specifics of the border guard units' tasks, the use of previously provided assistance by the defenders, and the prospects for further support under a number of joint projects implemented with the State Border Guard Service, in particular the Law Enforcement Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

On the basis of one of the units, Senator Mark Kelly together with the US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink got acquainted with samples of equipment and gear that have already been used by border guards in various conditions.

The head of the State Border Guard Service noted that the equipment provided by the United States has saved the lives of the agency's servicemen more than once.

"Border guards are always the first on the border and the first to repel the enemy. Also, along the entire line where combat operations are conducted, our units are an integral part of the Ukrainian Defense Forces and, together with other defenders, courageously defend the state," added Serhii Deineko.

The delegation of foreign partners talked to the border guards and asked their opinion on the effectiveness of the equipment provided, which they are now using in combat conditions. Weapons, vehicles, night vision devices, communications and medical equipment, and UAV systems were demonstrated. Serhii Deineko also acquainted Mark Kelly, who served as a combat pilot in the US Navy, with the aviation component of the State Border Guard Service, in particular, what models are used in border protection, how they are used and how it is planned to strengthen the aviation component of the border guards.

Mark Kelly emphasized the firmness of the position and the need to increase the volume of international technical assistance to Ukraine.

"It was very important for me to see and hear from you about the equipment you use. I want to say that we are with you. And the United States Senate supports you, because it is unacceptable for russia to defeat Ukraine," the Senator said.

The Head of the State Border Guard Service expressed his gratitude to Mark Kelly for the support of the Ukrainian people and the State Border Guard Service. He emphasized the effectiveness of the organization of cooperation, which is currently leading to the implementation of various international technical assistance projects.

"Ukraine is a peace-loving country and we do not need anyone else's help. However, with the help and support of the United States of America, we are defending our freedom with all our might and will do everything possible to restore our territorial integrity within the entire internationally recognized border," emphasized Serhii Deineko.

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