(VIDEO) Near Bakhmut, border guards use mortars to send the occupiers into packages

09 of February 2023 10:42

Soldiers of the State Border Service as part of the Defense Forces defend the fortress city of Bakhmut from the Russian occupation forces.

The other day, on the outskirts of Bakhmut, the aerial reconnaissance of the border guards detected the advance of enemy groups towards the positions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. In one case, a group of Russian attack aircraft tried to covertly move along the fences of a suburban development. In the direction of movement of the Russian Zayds, a mortar attack was carried out, during which one attack aircraft was eliminated, four were wounded.

On the same day, in a different direction in the suburbs of Bakhmut, the mortar calculations of the border guards effectively worked against three groups of enemy infantry that were moving to attack our positions. The arguments of the soldiers of the State Border Guard Service, caliber 82 and 120 mm, convinced the enemies to stop the attack. Some of the invaders were eliminated, and the rest dispersed.

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