(VIDEO) Kharkiv woman was taking her fiancé abroad in the back of a car seat

10 of July 2024 08:16

On the border with Romania, border guards of the Mukachevo Border guard Detachment found a man hiding from passport control in the back of his fiancée's car seat.

Border guards found the offender in a Mercedes car driven by a resident of Kharkiv.

The Ukrainian woman chose the BCP ‘Solotvyno’ to cross the border.

In addition to her 34-year-old fiancé, who was packed in a hiding place, the 29-year-old driver took her mother and grandmother with her on the trip. By putting her relatives in the back seat of the car, the woman hoped that the border guards would not be able to detect her husband hidden in the back.

Now the man faces administrative liability for attempting to illegally cross the border of Ukraine. But the Kharkiv woman faces criminal liability. The Criminal Code provides for up to 5 years' imprisonment for organising the illegal movement of people across the border.

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