(VIDEO) Anti-aircraft gunners from the "Hart" brigade won a duel with a "Lancet" - the loitering munition was destroyed

06 of July 2024 09:39

Units of the State Border Guard Service continue to effectively perform combat missions as part of the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the Vovchansk direction.

Recently, the crew of a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun from one of the "Hart" border brigade units engaged in a duel with an enemy kamikaze drone. The enemy UAV attempted to cross the combat line to operate in the rear of our troops.

Upon detecting the target, the anti-aircraft gunners fired at the aerial adversary. The "Lancet" operator tried to adjust the loitering munition to strike the air defense position but lost the duel to the border guards. The enemy drone was destroyed by fire from the anti-aircraft gun.

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