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Weapon smuggling - a serious challenge to the security of the state, especially in times of war
Volodymyr Nikiforenko during the Coordination Council of the OSCE Program "The Capacity Strengthening of the State Authorities of Ukraine in Preventing and Combating the Illicit Trafficking of Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives in All Aspects".
24/01/20 - 08:58
Smugglers tried to transfer cigarettes over the “Tysa” river
Border guards prevented another attempt of illegal cigarettes smuggling in Zakarpattia region.
22/01/20 - 14:21
Since the beginning of the year, the occupiers have left over 500 people to spend the night before the BCP
Pro-Russian mercenaries do not fulfill their obligations on rhythmic and safe passage of persons across the delineation line and purposefully create considerable accumulation of vehicles on the temporarily occupied territory.
21/01/20 - 13:58
Border guards detained 4 citizens of Yemen
This weekend, border guards of Mostyskyi border guard detachment detained 4 citizens of Yemen who tried to enter adjacent Poland.
20/01/20 - 15:10
Work of the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine at Sumy border guard detachment is underway
A group of officers of the State Border Guard Service Administration under command of the Head of the Service Colonel Serhii Deineko has been working in the area of responsibility of the Sumy border guard detachment.
17/01/20 - 09:11