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27.10.2017 14:45
The drone detected violations of the border regime

Border guards of SBGS actively use technical means in the protection of the state border. Very often servicemen use quad copters while performing their duties on the state border.

Yesterday, the "green caps" of the Berdyansk Border Guard Detachment with the help of quad copter found the violation of the border regime in the area of the Berdyanska Kosa. It was the storage of a small-scale vessel outside of the base. According to that fact, the border guards wrote the protocol on administrative violations under the article 202 of the CAO (violation of the border regime).

In general, from the beginning of the year, along the coastline and in the controlled area of the Azov Sea, border guards of SBGS with the help of a quad copters detected more than 15 violators of the border regime, about 20 vessels that were outside the bases and also 20 illegal fishing gears.

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