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27.01.2017 13:32
The European experts have completed the analysis of the legal framework on document and vehicle border checks

During two weeks (January 17th -27th 2017) the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine was working with the group of experts of the National Border agencies of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland and Lithuania on research and analysis of the legal framework in the field of IBM Strategy. Special attention was directed towards legislative framework of document and vehicles border checks.

At the beginning of the second working week, within the framework of the planned events, there was a joint field visit performed, along with the European short-term experts of the Twinning Project of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, to the Border Crossing Point “Senkivka” at the Ukrainian-Russian border. Visiting of the BCP was aimed to familiarize with practical part of the legal aspects of the documents and vehicles border control checks.

It is worth mentioning that during the previous activity the joint working group had visited the Border Crossing Point “Novy Yarylovychi” at the Ukrainian-Belorussian border at which the innovative facilities with regards to the simplification process of the border and customs procedures are present whereas the comfortable border-crossing conditions for the travelers are created.

Further on the legal workshop on evaluation of the national legislation related to border control and on ways identification of bringing it in line with the EU standards was conducted. The heads of the border control departments of the separate regional directorates took part in the activity. Based on the findings of the deep analysis of the legal framework related to border control it was concluded that there are no significant deviations from the EU standards. The experts have provided the recommendations for improvement of the national legislation.

On completion of the workshop the representatives of the border authorities circulated the presentations of BCPs border control being equipped and the availability of the EU MS national legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland and Lithuania.

It the framework of the Twinning project the next activity will be focused on IT aspects of the existing systems on documents and vehicle border checks.   


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