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03.01.2017 16:53
Last year border guards detained 7,3 million packs of cigarettes

Yesterday there was two cases of preventing illegal movement of cigarettes at the border crossing points by the personnel of the State Border Guard and the State Fiscal Services.

At the BCP "Yahodyn" the border guards of Lutsk detachment detained 245 packs of cigarettes. The Polish citizen hid the cigarettes in the spare wheel of the car "Skoda". The same day the border guards of Mukachevo detachment found smuggled cigarettes in the sills of "Volkswagen". The smuggler was a Hungarian citizen travelling from Ukraine at the BCP "Diakovo".

Last year the smuggling of cigarettes was one of the most frequent ones. During 2016 the personnel of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine prevented more than 1.5 thousand cases of illegal movement of cigarettes through the border, most of them - at the border with the EU. In general, there were detained more than 5.5 million packs of cigarettes. Moreover, there was detained 24 places of smuggled cigarettes storage with 1.8 million packs.

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