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09.01.2017 17:35
Effects of snowfall: the rescue operation ended іn the Odessa region

Last night, rescue operation of the releasing vehicles out of snowdrifts, was over in Odessa region. Only a few days ago difficult weather conditions caused snow jams near the village of Kyrnychky, that is 45 km from Izmail, on the “Odessa-Reni”highway.

Not only units SES and highways services were involved for the emergency works and elimination of the consequences of snowfall, but servicemen (borderguards) of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine as well. Three trucks “KrAZ” with food, fuel and warm clothes were sent from Ismail border guard detachment.

In general, forces of the joint rescue operation saved about 200 people and more than 50 vehicles that were on the road in a strong blizzard and snowdrifts.

The representatives of the joint rescue operation helped all drivers and passengers whose cars were blocked in the snowdrift. Moreover, in the village Kholmsk, borderguards refueled the bus stuck in the snow and helped passengers with warm clothes.

Finally, when the joint team reached the stuck in the snow vehicles near the village Kyrnychky, rescuers started releasing them. Later, after clearing road from snow, the special column was formed. 2 regular buses and 50 light cars were moving together with rescue equipment to Izmail.

Last night, the column reached the town.

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