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10.01.2017 13:54
"Corruption free": A new anti-corruption campaign started in the SBGS


On January 6, a new departmental anti-corruption campaign "corruption free" started in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The main purpose of the campaign is to continue systematic work on the tasks of state policy, that were set by the President of Ukraine, in order to combat corruption and crime, create effective mechanisms of integrity and transparency.

Furthermore, the first international anti-corruption week, which took place at 14 checkpoints on the borders of Ukraine, Romania and Moldova, had its positive result.

Last year social anti-corruption flyer was developed by the border guards in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine and U.S. Embassy and was distributed at border crossing points across the state border of Ukraine.

Also, a short social anti-corruption movie was made. This movie was presented to the representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine, IOM, OSCE and to the staff of the border and customs authorities of other countries.

Besides, on December last year, the first  anti-corruption monitoring of staff (poll) was performed.

As the result of the last year activities the number of border guards at border crossing points, who refused an illegal benefit, increased. And while in 2015 there were 275 relevant cases, in 2016 - the number increased to 1022. 

In particular, in order to motivate and stimulate staff, more than 1.5 thousand servicemen, who refused  an illegal benefit, were encouraged by premiums.

The total amount of bribes refusals counted about 1 million USD. In general, citizens offered - about 250 thousand  UAH,  9.2 thousand USD, 3.4 thousand Euros, 3.1 thousand pounds and almost 255 thousand RUB, etc.

The greatest number of bribes refusals  were recorded in the eastern regions - 463 cases, and in the southern regions – 155 cases. The majority of bribes  were offered to border guards for promoting in an accelerated and unimpeded crossing the state border, extension of Ukraine registration, resolving the issue of illegal movement of goods. Moreover, citizens tried to pay off administrative responsibility, as they were  crossing the state  border  using invalid or forged documents.

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