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02.08.2016 13:51
Border guards were proposed to get a “pay” for the illegal border crossing and “BMW” carrying

The offenders tried to involve three Ukrainian border guards into illegal activity.

While carrying out his service duties, one of the chiefs of the local border guards section of the Sumy detachment received an unknown call. The individual made a proposal to the officer to get a “reward” of $ 600 for giving assistance in illegal carrying of the “BMW” automobile across the border. And he got a flat refusal from the officer. Moreover, the latter apprised the coordinating bodies of the incident.

The Russian citizen made an attempt to give a 5 000 rubles bribe to the border guards of Kharkiv detachment at the “Hoptivka” check point. Performing the document inspection the law enforcer found out that the woman was denied to enter Ukraine. The bribery attempt  is on record, the materials are passed to the National police Staff.

Citizen of Moldova proposed a 200 hryvnias bribe for unobstructed border crossing at the "Mohyliv-Podil’s’kyi" check point as he had exceeded the stay in a country term. Currently, the National Police was given a notice on the criminal offence fearure detection.


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