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31.10.2017 16:24
Border guards found almost 3 kilograms of of "sunstone" in the niche for a spare wheel

About 150 kilograms of amber were found from the beginning of this year by border guards of Lviv Border Guard Detachment.

Today, at the "Rava-Ruska" checkpoint, that is on the Ukrainian-Polish border,  border guards of this Border Gurd Detachment found almost 3 kilograms of raw amber stones.

A resident of Lviv planned to take goods to a neighboring country by his car of "BMW" of Polish registration. However, during the border-customs control in the luggage compartment, in the niche for the storage of a spare wheel, border guards found 2.9 raw amber stones of various sizes.

Found stones and car are seized according to the law. The value of the seized goods are being established.

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