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05.09.2016 14:10
Border guards detect hidden money at the entry-exit checkpoint

Today Kramatorsk border detachment officers once again detected money, hidden from the control procedures. Money were to be moved illegally through the boundary line at the entry exit checkpoint “Zaitseve” to the temporarily uncontrolled territory of Ukraine. When performing verification activities the border guards found money hidden inside the back seat of the black "Mercedes". The driver confirmed he was carrying 700 UAH 250 thousands of rubles. The border guards informed the SSU and the National Police on this case. It bears reminding that border guards also detained 52-year resident of Luhansk yesterday who was trying to carry more then 10 million rubles and 100 thousand dollars through the entry-exit checkpoint "Zaitseve", in illegal way. Overall, Kramatorsk border detachment officers have detected 35cases when individuals were trying to hide money while crossing the border line since the beginning of the year. 3.3 million UAH, 34.6 million rubles, 665 thousand dollars and 10 thousand euros were detected during the above mentioned period.

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