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06.02.2017 14:54
Border guards detained 9 cars with contraband cigarettes

During the day border guards of SBGS together with customs officers detected stashes of tobacco in 9 cars.

Firstly, at the “Tysa” checkpoint, two Ukrainian citizens  tried to carry almost 1150 packs of cigarettes  across the border in the structural features of their cars. As a result, the perpetrators have lost both products and vehicles.

Secondly, at the “Porubne” checkpoint, two citizens of Romania and Ukraine tried to carry more than 460 packs of cigarettes hidden in the  back seat, spare wheel and in the passenger seat. The found products and the vehicles were seized according to the law and transferred to the Fiscal Service. The cost of confiscated property amounted  more than 750 thousand  UAH.

Thirdly, servicemen of  Lutsk Border Guard Detachment, at the “Yahodyn” checkpoint, two times found contraband  tobacco products  in the cars of two Ukrainians, who were travelling abroad. To sum it up, border guards found more than 500 packs of cigarettes.

Also,  servicemen of  Lviv Border Guard Detachment two times found stashes of tobacco at the “Volodimir-Volynsky” and "Ustilug" checkpoints. 280 packs of cigarettes were hidden under the  one of train wagons and in the back seat of the car.

In addition, border guards found one more portion of contraband goods at the "Krakivets" checkpoint  near the Ukrainian-Polish border. Polish citizen, who was coming back home,  tried to carry  280 packs of cigarettes hidden in a niche of  spare wheel of his car.   

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