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28.11.2016 13:13
Activity on Legal analysis of the legislation related to border and vehicles border checks

During the week of November 21st until 25th, the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continued to work with the group of experts of the National Border agencies of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland and Lithuania within the European Twinning Project implementation.

In particular, the experts conducted a legal analysis of the current legislation related to passport control (including biometric control), detection of fraud documents, vehicles border checks, including legal instruments concerning countering stolen vehicles trafficking.

At the same time, the European experts along with the experts from the Administration of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine discussed and identified the areas of further cooperation in the framework of the ongoing project for the nearest future.

The next activity is scheduled to happen in January 2017 during which the legal workshop will be held, presenting the findings of the legal analysis and presentation of the EU and EU MS national legislation. It is also intended to carry out field visits to border crossing points to see the implementation of Ukrainian national regulations in practice. 

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