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27.05.2017 10:39
Border guards continued to develop systematically and reliably protect the Homeland borders

A professional holiday of border guards - Border Guards Day will be celebrated in Ukraine soon.

During the year, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine continued systematic development within the framework of general reform of the security and defense sector of Ukraine.

Nowadays, the border guard agency  demonstrates its best qualities, and  in spite of the current challenges and dynamic situation, SBGS performs tasks, that are set by the government and people of Ukraine.

Overall, during the last year, over 89.5 million of people and almost 20.3 million of vehicles were passed through the state border. However, it was noted a steady growth of passenger traffic. At the same time 29 thousand people were not allowed to cross the state border.

During the border control 600 forged and 8500 invalid documents were found, 100 attempts to cross the state border by using other people's documents were stopped.

Besides, border guards stopped more than 2,500 illegal migrants, including 850 immigrants, who illegally crossed the border.

In addition, border guards found and seized 760 weapons, about 14 thousand of ammunition, 17 kilograms of explosives, 210 kg of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Moreover, illegal movement of goods worth 760 million USD was stopped. The most common contraband was the illegal movement of cigarettes (it was detained more than 6.2 million packs of tobacco products).

Also, within twelve months, border guards detained more than 1,400 vehicles, 116 of which were wanted, and nearly 900 were used by offenders for the illegal activity.

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