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26.05.2017 14:25
From the beginning of the year border guards refused bribes in 450 cases

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine actively implements the state anti-corruption policy and continues a set of measures in order to combat corruption.

The main and priority purpose of the SBGS remains combating corruption and providing security on the state border. A tough and appropriate measures are taken for the slightest attempt of abuse in the border guard agency.

As a result, since the beginning of the year, 23 persons were brought to criminal responsibility and  nearly 400 persons were brought to administrative responsibility.

However, it is worth mentioning about  improvements in effective prevention and combating of corruption.

Many times border guards categorically refused from the bribes that were offered by citizens for taking unlawful decisions. Only with the beginning of this year, it was recorded 450 attempts to bribe border guards.

The position of the State Border Guad Service of Ukraine is continued to be uncompromising for any corruption and abuse.

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